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Corporate Profile

Counterforce (M) Sdn Bhd was incorporated in April 2003. CMSB's core business is to provide professional installation services and high quality security equipment to all its customers, supported by the provision of 24 hours Central Monitoring Services (CMS) under its brand "5 STAR Central Monitoring Services".

To take our commitments on security issues for our clients one step further. We have incorporated Counterforce Security Services Sdn Bhd (CSSSB) in August 2005. CSSSB will specialize in Security Protective Services namely Armed Guard & Emergency Response Team Services.

Our officers are recruited from the ranks of retired army and police personnel. They are fully trained and competent in weapons handling, unarmed combat, security operation and knowledgeable in common llaw.

Counterforce 3M Approach towards Security

A holistic Approach whereby Man , Machine & Method work together in synergy.


At Counterforce we totally subscribe to idea of  "PEOPLE MAKES THE COMPANY"  This is why we are committed to develop a highly trained workforce that is passionate about what they do. Through training, positive motivation and empowerment, the people in our organization are able to deliver superior quality services to our customers.


Technology changes the way we work. Besides boosting efficiency and empowering us to be even more responsive in meeting our customers needs, it also enhances the quality of our security solutions offered.


Experience and competency are key components to implementing effective security solutions successfully. With more than 30 years of experience in safeguarding our homeland and national security. Our key management team,  have the proven operational expertise coupled with proven methods and establish procedures to protect our customers and their assets with confidence.

Our role is to help our clients ensure that their security measures and systems are up to date and effective in the constantly changing environment. We begin with a security audit to understand the nature of security threats that our client are confronted with in their daily operations. Having identifying the risk exposure, we than formulate a mix of solutions and measures including physical barriers, physiological deterrence, manpower deployment, security procedures and Electronic security systems to neutralize the threat.