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Setting the industry Standards ™
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Creating the Trust mark in the Security Industry

At CMSB we believe that our customers are our partner in success. Our fortunes are tightly bound together. We measure the quality of our service by listening to the people who know us best, our customers. When our customers tell us they need something new, we listen & respond immediately. While top quality service is an important aspect of our commitment to you, another equally important area is our attitude. We are a customer driven organization. Everything we do is built around your needs and your business. We donĄ¯t just tell you how safe, reliable, useful our products and services are ¨C we guarantee it!

Our 3 Guarantees

1. We guarantee that all your emergencies will be attended promptly with utmost professionalism
and efficiency.

2. We guarantee all service maintenances will be attended within 48 hours notice.

3. We guarantee a one-to-one replacement for any dysfunctional hardware under warranty. Because you deserve the very best, we are what your Central Monitoring Station should be.